The way you connected with our leaders in such a short time is remarkable. You are a shining example of so many of the leadership qualities we all aspire to.
— David Hathorn, CEO, Mondi plc



One of Europe's most sought after leadership and collaboration speakers I have been privileged to have delivered keynote speeches throughout the globe. My aim is to engage your delegates whilst at the same time making sure your event (not just my speech) is a resounding success.

To this end here are the promises I make:

  • I deliver fast-paced, challenging and humorous keynotes designed to delight, inform and inspire the most conference weary of audiences (I average over 96% highly satisfied audience members and I haven’t given up on the remaining 4% yet)

  • I will treat your audience with respect by ensuring my messages are tailored to them and their concerns.

  • I will work with you flexibly to ensure the success of your event.

  • I will always make time for a thorough briefing to ensure my messages are aligned with the theme of your event and integrate with others at the event.

  • I will work with your technical support and productions teams to ensure a smooth delivery.

  • I will make myself available for all technical rehearsals and checks.

  • I will support your event marketing through my social networks and respond to your press and media enquiries at no extra charge.

  • I understand some conference organizers would rather work with speakers’ agencies. I am represented by a number of agencies in different geographies and will happily refer you to them. In fairness to you and the agents I work with I absorb all agency fees and therefore charge the same whether you come directly to me or through an agency.

Finally, so you can be sure that I won't waste your time here is my final promise

  • I will never undertake to speak at an event unless I know I can make it a success. If I don't think I am the right speaker for your event I will tell you and might even suggest someone else if I know they would do a better job than I would.


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