For over 15 years I have consulted globally, across industries, with some of the world's most respected multinationals as well as some of its most unknown start-ups. I have worked with incredibly talented individuals as well as inspirational teams united by their devotion to build their leadership strength and collaborative muscle to speed up the delivery of sustainable results.

I have helped organisations in their efforts to develop their leadership cadre, change their culture and become more collaborative as well as teams wanting to become more effective in their search for results.

I believe that the success of any consulting assignments rests not only in what the consultant knows but how the consultant works. Early on when I started my own consultancy I decided to abide by three simple rules.

  • I will only consult with a client I know I have the capability to help

  • I will only take on a new project if I know I have the capacity to deliver

  • I will take a personal approach to any project (who you meet and want is who you get)

I am always amazed at the number of consultancies operating in the area of leadership and collaboration who are never willing to take a lead on collaborating. I will work with you, your team, your colleagues, any of your preferred suppliers as well as any number of professional individuals and organisations that sit within my network to ensure excellence and success.

There must be a better way to lead, to collaborate inside and outside our organisations, to work across our proverbial silos and be more effective together than alone. Together we will find it.

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