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Warning: Emmanuel is seriously addictive



The above title was suggested to me by one my clients. They booked me for one speech and I ended up delivering five. So be warned! I speak on issues of leadership, collaboration and innovation. Below you will find the promises I make to ensure your success.

  • I deliver fast-paced, challenging and humorous keynotes designed to delight, inform and inspire the most conference weary of audiences (I average over 95% highly satisfied audience members and I haven’t given up on the remaining 5% yet)

  • I will treat your audience with respect by ensuring my messages are tailored to them and their concerns.

  • I will work with you flexibly to ensure the success of your event.

  • I will always make time for a thorough briefing to ensure my messages are aligned with the theme of your event and integrate with others at the event.

  • I will work with your technical support and productions teams to ensure a smooth delivery.

  • I will make myself available for all technical rehearsals and checks.

  • I will support your event marketing through my social networks and respond to your press and media enquiries at no extra charge.

  • I understand some conference organizers would rather work with speakers’ agencies. I am represented by a number of agencies in different geographies and will happily refer you to them. In fairness to you and the agents I work with I absorb all agency fees and therefore charge the same whether you come directly to me or through an agency.