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I believe that the success of any consulting assignments rests not only in what the consultant knows but how the consultant works. Early on when I started my own consultancy I decided to abide by three simple rules.

  • I will only consult with a client I know we have the capability to help

  • I will only take on a new project if I know I have the capacity to deliver

  • I will take a personal approach to any project (who you meet and want is who you get)

I am always amazed at the number of consultancies operating in the area of leadership, collaboration and innovation who are never willing to take a lead in innovating or collaborating. I have decided that the best way to keep my promises is to not be precious about what model is used or who uses it. My motto is ‘there must be a better way and together we can find it’.

Whilst I am delighted to collaborate with whoever my clients recommend, I have also built a network of professional individuals and organizations I can draw on should you need broader capability, complementary to my practice.

The services I offer

I divide any project into three phases. At the end of each phase, together with the client, we decide how best to proceed onto the next phase (i.e. with or without me!).  Granted it’s not a revolutionary process but it works.

During the Define phase I will work with you to frame the problem and the potential approaches to solving it. I have produced storyboards, high-level designs and facilitated meetings for clients who just wanted help in clarifying their issues.
In the design phase I build the relevant solutions either on my own, in partnership with you or with colleagues from my own network as appropriate. I have written reports, produced detailed designs, trained corporate and other trainers and even designed interiors suited for particular interventions.
The delivery phase is where I can support as much or as little of the implementation as is necessary for success. I have delivered workshops with colleagues from my network, together with my clients, or on my own.

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