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Our models of business are rooted in research done before most of the economical, technological and social disruptions we know today. So the question is does our understanding of leadership and organizations need upgrading? I guess this is the kind of reasoning that has led a reviewer to call me ‘the first leadership guru for the social network generation’. I’m pretty sure that’s not true on a number of fronts but nevertheless my aim as a writer is to challenge our leadership practices in search of continued excellence.

The Connected Leader - Creating agile organisations for people, performance and profit

With ‘The Connected Leader’ I wanted to offer readers a new leadership proposition:

What if management thinking to date has been directed at the wrong problem? What if being effective in every situation was a sure way to fail in any context?

Redefining both leadership and our idea of what an organization is, I propose some new tools to create what one reader called ‘a new leadership manual for a new century’.

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LeaderShift - Reinventing leadership for the age of mass collaboration

Whilst 'The Connected Leader' made a powerful proposition - networks ensure the future of any organization - that's not the same as saying they ensure the future of leaders.

For my second book ‘LeaderShift’ I wanted to focus on the trends that are challenging the very essence of what it means to lead. I wanted to know if critical social, demographic and technological trends were challenging the very essence of what it means to lead.

In my quest for answers I set out some critical shifts that leaders need to make in the way they operate to survive the changing demands made on them.

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Follow the Leader - the one thing great leaders have that great followers want

One thing my research for ‘LeaderShift’ convinced me of is that we approach leadership with the wrong question in mind. The main research question authors have attempted to answer for their readers is ‘what do great leaders do?’

With my third book ‘Follow the Leader’ I decided to turn this on its head. My proposition is a simple one - there can be no leaders without followers. So instead of asking ‘what do great leaders do?’, shouldn’t we be asking ‘What do great followers want?’

In ‘Follow the Leader - the one thing great leaders have that great followers want’ I investigate the world of followers’ decision making to map out an action plan to leadership success. 

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